Injection molding simulation, moldflow

Optimization of plastic products and injection molds


Injection molding simulation, moldflow is a service addressed to customers who are not owners of such software as Moldex3D, Autodesk Moldflow, Cadmould or Solidworks Plastics. Being the main partner of Cortech in Poland, we offer our customers injection simulation services. Optimization of plastic details and injection molds are the two main areas of our activities.

injection molding simulation:

Optimization of the product geometry mainly focuses on the areas related to the selection of the injection point and the technological assessment of the molding construction.

Firstly, the uniform filling of the molding cavity, the analysis of defects related to the temperature distribution are the key aspects of evaluating the injection simulation results. Secondly, it is equally important to verify the wall thickness of the detail or predict the risk of air traps or joining lines. When carrying out the injection simulation project, we agree on the nature of the detail with the client at the very beginning. Thanks to this, the evaluation / interpretation of the results is focused on the analyzed part, and not carried out according to a fixed template.

In fact, each detail is assessed individually, because even similar products may have different aesthetic or functional requirements.

To sum up, in the area of detail optimization, we distinguish the following types of products: visual details, technical details and technical details made of glass fiber reinforced plastics. Each type of detail has different requirements regarding potential visual defects or deformations.

Moldex3D - pomiar plaskosci - symulacja wtrysku

Injection simulation is a virtual trial of an injection mold!

Moldex3D - układ chłodzenia

Injection simulation:

Optimization of injection molds is mainly an injection simulation consisting in assessing the geometry of the material supply system. Ensuring the balancing of family forms or verifying the construction of the supply system in terms of the phenomenon called “melt flipper”.

At the same time, it is an assessment of the entire project in terms of temperature distribution. Let us remember that not only the thermal analysis of the detail is important, but also how the designed cooling system receives heat from the forming elements. When analyzing the temperature distribution and based on the geometry of the detail itself, we assume that the temperature distribution on the forming elements is homogeneous. In fact, the cooling system is not always designed to receive heat from each mold element uniformly. Therefore, it is important to perform a full injection simulation based on the designed geometry of the cooling system. So as to fully determine the temperature distribution on the forming surface.