Plastic injection molding

Injection molding, processing of thermoplastics

Plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding is an area of PAWFORM’s activity carried out in cooperation with external injection molding plants. Depending on the project, we have the ability to carry out production in the Łódź, Silesian and Wielkopolskie voivodships.

Our cooperation is mainly based on injection molding machines working for the automotive or household appliances industries. Where most of them have ISO TS quality certificates and have a long history of working with clients located directly in Germany, France, Italy or Great Britain.

Plastic injection molding - production capacity:

We have the capacity to produce products on machines with the clamping force:

  • from 50 to 1500 tons in standard, single component technology
  • from 50 to 400 tons in 2K technology, where the second component is injected with an external aggregate
  • up to 300 tons on 2K machines with parallel injection units

In the case of 2K technology, overmolding of the second component can be done by:

  • transfer of the base component by means of a robot to the cavity where the second component is injected
  • use of a rotary table
Produkcja wyrobów z tworzyw sztucznych

Let us remember that the choice of 2K technology is largely determined by the product design, where the shape of the product determines whether a robot or a rotary table should be used to produce a detail in two-component technology.

In addition to the standard production of plastic products, we can offer:

  • ultrasonic welding
  • overmolding of metal components
  • pad printing
  • assembly of finished products

Model of cooperation - Pawform - manufacturer of plastic products

When implementing projects where the final stage is the production of products and their delivery to the customer, the roles between PAWFORM and the selected injection molding plant are defined in detail:

  • PAWFORM is responsible for the stage of launching the project and implementing it into production. In particular, it is – assessment of the feasibility of the product itself, shape optimization, injection mold flow simulation, construction and construction of the injection mold.
  • The cooperating injection molding plant takes an active part in the process of tool development, feasibility assessment, implementation of the production process and ensuring the expected quality of a given product.

If you are looking for a proven partner who comprehensively implements projects, we invite you to cooperation.