Product design, development of plastic parts

Industrial design, development, rapid prototyping

Product design, development of plastic parts

Product design and development of plastic details is the main area of the company’s activity. From the very beginning, we provide a full range of services related to the development and testing of new products, and which we usually implement in later stages

We have the greatest experience in terms of product development in the design of industrial, electrotechnical and utility products. Increasingly, we also work for the automotive and household appliances industries.

It should be emphasized that thanks to the implementation of many projects related to the design and construction of injection molds, the design of the new product, apart from functional aspects, takes into account the specificity of plastics processing technology.

To sum up, when designing new products, we plan from the very beginning how a given detail will be solved in terms of tool construction. We anticipate how the concept of the mold will affect the target quality of the detail and whether we will meet the customer’s requirements.


  • Development of a visual concept of a new product, based on the customer’s specification
  • CAD design in terms of meeting the requirements for functionality and detail strength
  • Definition of the method of molding a detail in the mold cavity, development of assumptions for the construction of an injection mold
  • Then, the technology of the detail geometry for the construction of the injection mold and the technology of the injection process
    In order to verify the design, injection simulation was carried out
  • Execution of demonstrative prototypes (FDM technology) or functional prototypes (SLS technology)
Projektowanie wyrobów z tworzyw sztucznych / Product design

To sum up, if you are looking for a proven partner who would take care of the development of a new product, please contact us. Initially, in order to obtain an assessment of the feasibility of the project, please send an inquiry to In the next step, we invite you to visit our office in Łódź, where you will be able to see our previous projects. And also, in parallel, discuss possible solutions to be used in the new product.

What is most important, the initial valuation for a given project can be presented on the basis of remote contact. Nevertheless, the final valuation containing details defining the scope of work, functional and aesthetic requirements, should be made on the basis of a direct meeting at the client’s premises or at PAWFORM.